Architect notes

Illinois Institute of Technology

8 August, 2015

Time has finally come. In just a couple of days I will be fleeing to the United States of America to study architecture at IIT. Illinois Institute of Technology.

Golf’s up

14 March, 2015

This year will be the year is what i usually tell myself bofere every golf season. This time there is no different.

Bachelor in Architecture

18 May, 2013

The candidate project is up on the wall and presented. The critics were positive to my project even though I had program for my shipyard building that some people would see as provocative when a public attraction is integrated…

Weekend in Kittelfjäll

26 December, 2012

Kittelfjäll is truly the definition of Paradise in a Swedish context when there is lots of snow. You got almost all the mountain for yourself and the skiing is top class.

Stockholm 2112

23 October, 2012

We got a fun smaller assignment to look 100 years into the future and imagine what the city of Stockholm would look like through a render. My vision might seem, to some people, quite depressing.

Jassa Invitational

8 October, 2012

For the fifth year in a row, me and my fellow co-organizers have completed Jassa Invitational. And this years event really blew it out of proportion.